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Benefit Club for CSOs

  • The CSO/NGO that carries out the greatest number of initiatives
    using the iSocial application in the month you will receive as
    bonus the right to send a notification to all app users, in addition to earning a post in our social networks and a card at the entrance of the app like disclosure.

  • The institution that receives the highest monetary value in in-app donations in the month, we at iSocial, will increase this amount by 5% as a bonus for engagement. See rules on values and participation.

  • The CSO/NGO that gets 50 new active volunteers (they checked in at the action location) in their first month will earn 250 reais in redemption in the app.

  • All CSOs/NGOs that get 100 volunteers assets within 60 days after the organization enters the app or those that are already on the platform in 60 days the beginning of this campaign, will be entitled to 350 reais in in-app bonus.

  • The CSO/NGO that disseminates iSocial and obtains more newcomers to the app through your referral code on month, you will earn 250 reais in redemption in the app.

  • For every 10 new users who register on the app using the CSO/NGO link, it will win a notification in the week.

  • If the app doubles in active users compared to the
    previous month, iSocial will raffle among the CSOs/NGOs active in that period a bonus of 100 basic baskets or the amount converted into other items in accordance with the institution's performance. If the number of active users double in the following month, the bonus will also be doubled.


  • Volunteers who join the platform through business affiliation will not be counted towards the iSocial benefits club.

  • For categories in which the awards are notifications and mentions on social networks, the award will be counted only once per week.

  • For the OSC IMPULSO category, donations of up to 100.00 reais per users will be considered, amounts above will not be eligible for the campaign.

  • For the OSC IMPULSO category, the limit value for the 5% bonus is 20,000, totaling a bonus of 500.00 on the platform.

  • For the CSO Participation category, only 50% of the volunteers can recur in the 3 months.

  • All participation rules for this campaign also include following the iSocial application's usage and privacy policies.

  • The organization that most performs well in the benefit club items will be elected to the iSocial financial acceleration program. The duration of this will be until the end of the month 10/2022.​​
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