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collaborate, do good and transform our world

 an innovate and disruptive social project

What We Do

All Hands In


Engage volunteers with  social initiatives according to theirs skills, personality and preferred causes

"The iSocial is an innovate and disruptive socio-environmental project. We connect people and organizations for a purpose: to transform our society and planet, through collaboration. The collaboration starts with a volunteer registration on the platform, where civil society organizations initiatives can be found. These initiatives match potential volunteers to act on projects at any place and for any cause, collecting and generating important data. These data will be useful to guide smartly and efficiently, future initiatives. All-in-one platform that connects volunteers, social organizations, private or public entities with who/what need help. Filtering causes, specific skills and region! The needs popup, new projects are created, volunteers engage, organizations encourage, and results happen. Embracing all ONU Sustainable Development Goals, we’re ready to act exponentially to impact education, health, economy and environment. We aim to maximize the good within, with transparency, modernity and technology.


-Know exactly how to help causes, environments and people

-Collaborate with information that will be important to change the world

-Contribute with your knowledge to foment and encourage projects development, people and economy, wherever necessary

-Generate results, follow and be part of these impact All of this in global scale, helping and being helped without frontiers


What about a better world for you, for your children and for the next generation? A balanced world, with more love, fresh air and less inequality. We CAN transform lives. Join us, do the good! 

Be an iSocial partner"

Mauro Moraes, iSocial Founder


Pronatura & iSocial

Thinking about how to impact more lives and how to make a better and more sustainable world, iSocial and Pronatura are now integrated, a single organization!

Together we will build a new era of environmental sustainability, bringing technology, collaboration and partners together for a single cause.

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